Everything You Need to Know About Micro-Needling

Everything You Need to Know About Micro-Needling

As a total beauty junkie, I'm all about trying different products/treatments in the quest for better skin... so it should come as no surprise that micro-needling was high on my list of treatments to incorporate into my routine. After all, so many people in my personal life swear by it for improving skin texture, and even perfectly-complexioned celebs are all about it, too (like Meghan Markle!). So off I went to Dermalounge Medi Spa (11523 100 Avenue)— who I whole-heartedly trust with my face— to get eDermastamped. Now WTF am I talking about, you ask? Allow me to elaborate.


Micro-needling, or collagen-induction therapy, is the process wherein tiny medical-grade needles are used across the face to create intentional wounding in the dermis of the skin. These tiny wounds trigger the skin's healing response, which stimulates the production of collagen and fibroblast activity, and ultimately helps to combat things like fine lines, acne scars and sun damage. This treatment also involves the infusion of some pretty powerful serums (which vary in scope depending on your particular needs) that are absorbed deep into the skin thanks to the micro-channels created during the needling process, leaving the complexion looking plump, hydrated and more radiant.

The tools used during this treatment can vary from clinic to clinic, but Dermalounge uses a Health Canada approved device called eDermastamp, which is minimally-invasive due to its cone-shaped needles (which causes less damage, and therefore requires less downtime, than other systems). This method is clinically proven to be super impactful against the common signs of aging, but even if wrinkles, loss of skin volume and crepey skin aren't on your radar just yet, targeting the epidermis in this way has also been found to minimize scars and stretch marks (you can have it done on your body, not just your face), and who amongst us couldn't use that? I'm sure even sparkle Markle would agree.


Honestly, not really. I definitely felt a bit more discomfort on some parts of my face than others (and if you get your nose done, that can feel super weird), but a topical numbing cream is applied before the treatment starts so you should feel very little.


Not too bad. You can expect to be quite red and blotchy for about three days, with the first day being the most intense. My skin felt pretty tender throughout the healing process, which is normal, and I made sure to avoid makeup and unnecessarily touching my face for the first three days to maximize healing (you're allowed to wear mineral makeup if you absolutely need to). The team at Dermalounge also provides a handy Image Skincare healing kit to maximize the benefits of the treatment, which makes things nice and easy because you don't need to worry about your regular products interfering with the healing process.

After the redness fades around day three, you'll notice that your skin starts to pull and feel super dry. Now fret not, this is also a normal part of the recovery process. In fact, the pulling was so intense after my first treatment that it looked like I actually had some pretty gnarly wrinkles. Again, normal. After about a week of looking like a raisin, my skin suddenly became plump and radiant, and patches of texture that I had on my chin from previous breakouts started to look a lot smoother. And after my third treatment (I did three over the course of the year), that awkward, raisin-face stage lasted less and less, so bare that in mind if you're thinking about getting this treatment done and I scared you off it. It's honestly so worth it.


Now I'm no expert, and it's not like I've had a Kardashian-level of treatments over the years, but out of any other treatment I've tried, this one is hands down my favourite. It really does make your skin look more youthful and smooth, and when combined with a good skincare routine, I honestly think this one's some fountain-of-youth-level shizzz. Would a million per cent recommend!

Learn more about Dermalounge's micro-needling services here, and use Vickie40 to get 40% off your first treatment! xx

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