Modernization in the fashion industry has crossed the bounds of technology and lifestyle. Hobbies and trends are no longer just a part of everyday living. They have also become social standards and therefore a critical factor in the fashion world.

Vaping is one common hobby millennials share today. Vapes come in different brands, shapes, sizes, colors, and exotics. As compared to the conventional cigarette as a fashion staple, vapes can make looks more attractive and modern. Here are some of the reasons why vape products are now considered a fashion statement:

1. Vaping Culture

Vapes started to boom in the market in the early 2010s. It became a hope for those that are addicted to smoking. Many smokers did the switch. It entices a positive culture and the fact that it is healthy both for the user and the environment makes it more socially accepted.

2. Stylish

From the 50s to the early 2000s, tobacco and cigarettes have been the staple of those who belong to the upper class. Today, cigarettes are still considered a fashion accessory, but vapes are more stylish. There are vapes designed for class or for quirkiness. Users can choose from a wide array of styles and colors, depending on their tastes and personality. It is a good investment and it can be a good collection to have as well. There are different types of vapes that one may use for different occasions.

3. Personality

The personality of a person can be reflected in the vape they bring and how they carry it. It is an awesome conversation starter and it says a lot about the person using it. One can carry a vape as it is, but some prefer to carry it in a pouch or through a lace. There are also different accessories to protect or to style a vape with. It depends on how the user wants to be seen with it and how confident he is to show it off. One can even request a custom-made design that would perfectly fit their taste and style.

4. Class

Some people show class through the bag they carry or the shoes they wear, some do it through showing off their vape. Vapes come in different models. There are even gold and silver-plated ones. It may come in basic designs but at very expensive prices. It can definitely tell someone’s social status just by the brand and the looks of it.

5. Modern

Just like having the latest released gadgets, owning a vape can make one look trendy. Having vapes and E-cigarettes can be one way of telling people that you’ve adapted to the modern trends.


Fashion is always based on the concept of comfort over style. Vaping being a part of fashion totally makes sense since it is becoming more than just a hobby. Carrying a personal item, showing it off as a fashion statement, and using it in public is definitely sexy and bold. A vape is definitely a fashion trend of the 21st century.

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