Although it can be a bit time-consuming, making a list of items you will bring can do a lot. When you pack for your next trip, you can pack like you normally do. Then, you list down everything you will bring. On your vacation, you tick off the items you used and take note of the items you did not use. You will realize what you do not need to bring when you travel again.


Before you pack, it will be better to consider your itinerary. This can make you visualize the activities for the day and help you decide what you only need to bring. You can plan your outfit depending on what you plan to do on a certain day.


This packing tip is probably the most crucial. You need to give a lot of consideration when deciding on what shoes to bring. Depending on the destination, you can bring sandals, flats, running shoes, or heels. You can decide on one pair that can be used in combination. Nevertheless, if you need to bring more than one, you can wear the biggest pair to save up some space in your luggage.

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