Cold weather is here, and winter jackets are now coming out of the closet – like literally. With the freezing temperature and cool breeze settling in, you might want to wear any coat you find without minding how it looks on you. It’s only after a short while that you’ll realize you look like a wrapped marshmallow.

But don’t fret. You can style yourself up and stay warm with these stylish winter coats. Head on to the wardrobe, and let’s start matching up with these twelve winter coat ideas.

  • Parka & Anorak Coats

The best thing about parka and anorak coats is that they are exquisitely fit for the sunny or cloudy winter season. Parkas are better worn during the cold and have the best pairing with a hoodie or a sweater. Anoraks are useful if you’re in areas with great sunny weather during the winter season.

  • Pea Coat

While they’re worn originally by sailors, pea coats are hip winter jacket styles for both men and women. The woolen jacket has a fashionable appeal and even pairs best with any boots.

  • Trench Coat

They’re the most common winter jackets you have in your dresser, but they aren’t out of style. They look stylish enough to wear with any clothes. They also look fashionable yet incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  • Mac & Raincoat

Want to bring out some shiny winter style? Mac and raincoats have that latex appeal that isn’t overdone and works well in keeping you warm with the cold breeze.

  • Wrap & Belted Coat

Should you ever go to a party wearing a dress, you might want to stay warm and fashionable at the same time. A wrap and belted coat is the best winter jacket to show off couture without looking like a woolen mammoth.

  • Military Coat

They are the best corporate-looking winter coats that should make you a fashion standout while going to work or walking for a cup of coffee or a bite.

  • Chesterfield Coat

This thin yet incredibly warm cold-weather jacket is the perfect show-off for your figure and fashion. They have slim, blazer-like lapels and column-like silhouettes that, when left open on the front, will give everyone a peek of your exquisitely fabulous outfit.

  • Cocoon Coat

Not the fashion-bragging person, but still want to look nice when going outside? This coat style is becoming a trend that shows off some chic appeal without looking too fluffy. The best thing is that they pair best with your glasses and hats.

  • Car Coat

If you’re looking for a jacket for that wear-and-go moment, a car coat should keep you warm without discounting style and elegance. They can be worn without doing the buttons but look incredibly posh and fabulous.

  • Cape Coat

Okay, cape coats are old-fashioned that reminds you of Pretty Woman or Barbra Streisand, but they are one-of-a-kind fashion jackets for the cold weather. You can wear anything under it and accentuates your neck, shoulders, and legs without showing off too much. The best part? It is also super warm and super comfortable.

  • Maxi Coat

The young and dapper fashion appeal of this winter coat makes your everyday wear fabulous attire. You don’t even need to make efforts in mixing and matching style with this fabulous coat. It is winter fashion made effortless.

  • Toggle & Duffle Coat

Want to look fabulous on your next winter holiday? A toggle and duffle coat will make you a fashion standout that keeps you warm without wrapping yourself too much. Pair this with a bonnet or visor, and you can make this winter coat a fashion statement for the season.

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