From The Archives: Try This Festive Cocktail Recipe

Try This Festive Cocktail Recipe

OK you guys, let's get real for a minute—ORB (Operation Regular Blogging) is seriously kicking my butt right now. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that Ryan and I are currently in Palm Springs on a work trip, so prepping content ahead of time for this space on top of everything else has got me referring back to my recent dealing-with-stress post, if you know what I mean. So creative work-around to fill Tuesday's post slot? A trip back in time through the archives. Please forgive me, but this recipe is so yummy and festive that it bares repeating. 

If you're a long-time reader with a killer memory, you might remember this recipe my friend Ashley and I created back in 2015 called the Santa 75 (ho ho how clever). It's a festive twist on the French 75, and any champaign-cocktail enthusiasts in the house will want to try this one. Full recipe here, lovers. 

Bonus: You'll get a visual reminder of how crazy my manicures were back in 2015... why Vickie, why??

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