Coffee Talk: Why I Haven't Been Blogging & What I'm Going to Do About It

Why I Haven't Been Blogging & What I'm Going to Do About It

I've been thinking a lot about blogging lately, specifically about how my feelings toward it have changed over the years. What started as a hobby I was hopelessly devoted to has slowly turned into something that feels more like a chore— and that's not good. For a while there it was pretty evident that blogs were being replaced by the instant-fix that Instagram provides (I get it; why take the time to visit a blog when much of the same content can be viewed at a glance on the platform?), and that made me devalue what I was creating here. For the past year especially I've felt like there was no point, that no one was paying attention, that I was ready to just close this chapter of my life. November marks the ninth year of Adventures in Fashion, and the person I am today couldn't be farther from the girl who started this blog nearly a decade ago. Tastes have changed, priorities have shifted, people have come and gone from my life— and trying to figure out what that all means within the context of this space has been challenging. Admittedly my tactic for dealing with these feelings hasn't been the best; I've just ignored the problem and put all my focus into Instagram instead. But that doesn't feel good. It's like a nagging feeling that I'm not doing something I should be, or at the very least, not making the hard decisions that need to be made. Here's the thing— I've decided that something has to give. I need to figure my sh*t out, and in order to do so, I'm going to run a little experiment.

So here's the big idea: For the month of December, I'm going to hold myself accountable and commit to a regular posting schedule. For many years, I happily posted five times a week on top of working a full-time job, writing a weekly column and submitting freelance articles to my local newspaper. Now that this is my full-time job, I'm somehow too busy to do anything other than Instagram? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! So my thought process is that if I commit and push myself to post five-times weekly throughout the month of December, one of two things will happen— I'll either a) fall back in love with the platform that once brought me so much joy; or b) know once and for all that I've outgrown blogging and finally put it to bed. Or who knows, I might just have a nervous breakdown and throw my computer out the window. Either way, answers will be had and there's something liberating in that.

So now that we're all on the same page, I guess there's nothing left to say other than see you guys back here on Monday... God help me. xx


  1. I have definitely been blogging for a lot shorter time, and don't have as large of a following, but I have been feeling similarly. I found I was forcing my posts and a lot of people that thought they were following my "blog" were only actually looking at my Instagram. It's so frustrating! But I think this is a great strategy to see if it's still for you!

    xx Victoria

    1. Thanks babe! It's actually super comforting to hear that you're feeling similarly towards blogging— thanks for sharing that :)