5 Blogging Goals to Adopt In 2017

5 Blogging Goals to Adopt Now

The New Year is a great time to reflect on what you've accomplished professionally throughout the year, as well as consider where you want to find yourself in the next. It's a time of optimism and promise— you know, a fresh start and opportunity to do some serious day-seizing. So before the buzz of the New Year inevitably wears off (sorry, you know it's true), take a moment to reevaluate your blog now to see if there are any areas you can improve or expand upon. We can always do better, or do more, but we can't do everything, so take a moment to think about what's currently working for you and what you want focus your efforts on moving forward... go ahead, I'll wait. When you have a clear idea of where you want to take things, consider implementing the following five goals into practice to help you move the needle forward in 2017. You got this.


This one sounds obvious, but we all fall into the trap of churning out content that sometimes a few less-than-stellar pieces creep in. This year, resolve to only post work that you feel truly proud to put your name behind; if you miss posting one day, no one will notice or fault you for it. If it's -30 outside, give yourself permission to skip outfit photos (hypothermia isn't a cute look anyway), or if your DIY project was a major bust, don't kill yourself trying to salvage it just to make a deadline. The world won't end if you don't post, and your readers (and brands) will respect you for sharing your best.


In the spirit of showcasing quality content, take some time to go through your published work to see if there are any posts that no longer represent your brand or your aforementioned standard of quality. Now's your chance to delete any posts that you're no longer proud of, or update old posts with fresh links or current information. You never know which post might introduce a reader to your blog, so make sure that everything on your site is the best possible representation of you. 


Having a great site that's informative, entertaining, inspiring, or whatever the case may be depending on your niche is only part of the puzzle; you also need a strong presence on social media to take things to the next level. So take some time to map out where you would like to be in terms of numbers on your various platforms, as well as strategies for getting there and by when. If it's Pinterest, you might decide to reorganize and audit your current boards, only pinning images that are beautiful, cohesive and relevant to your brand; if it's Twitter, you might want to up the frequency of your tweets, sharing a variety of pictures, quotes and personal musings while highlighting other people's work that you admire. Whatever the case may be, think long and hard about where you want to be and how you can get there... as Iggy would say, impossible is nothing.


A reality of blogging is that you rarely know what your income will be from month to month, so a good rule of thumb is to diversify your revenue streams. Do you currently rely on collaborations for the bulk of your income? You might want to dabble in affiliate marketing or try your hand at speaking engagements. Does Instagram or Youtube bring you the bulk of your earnings? Maybe it's time to consider a product line or service. Whatever the case may be, think about different ways you can monetize your blog in 2017 and try to put your eggs in as many baskets as possible. The blogging world is ever changing, so you don't want to focus all your energy on one area to only have it fall apart or stop being viable in six months time.


And going back to Youtube for a moment, if you're strictly a photo/copy creator, it may be time to consider adding a video component to your work. Youtube is undoubtedly king at the moment, and intimidating as it may seem, it's definitely not too late to start— if nothing else, it'll help your readers see another side of your personality and deepen their connect with you, as well as open you up to a whole new market of brands that focus mainly on video... win-win.

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  1. These are all such great points! In fact, I couldn't have said them better myself ;)

    For myself, I'd also add...don't wait until the last minute to get my posts published. Sponsored or not, I always do things close to the last minute (and always have)!

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