Current Drugstore Favourites

RIMMEL CLEAR COMPLEXION CLARIFYING POWDER //  If you're prone to breakouts and a shiny T-Zone (guilty!), then this powder if for you my friends. It's made with natural minerals to fight shine and mattify skin for an impressive amount of time (up to five hours apparently), but the reason I like it so much is it doesn't look too cakey on the skin or cling to my dry patches— a big achievement when it comes to powder. Plus it claims to minimize breakouts thanks to its "pureskin complex," which means absolutely nothing to me, so let's just go ahead and take that one with a grain of salt. Anyway, this isn't by any means the best quality powder or the most finely milled, but for the price, it's pretty dang good. 

REVLON COLORBURST MATTE BALM IN 'UNAPOLOGETIC' // This lippy is a cult favourite for a reason, so I won't bore you with all the many reasons why I love it (you're welcome), but what I will say is that if you're looking for a vibrant, yet super-wearable pink shade for the summer, this is definitely it. In fact, I've worn it so much this summer that I'm now on my second tube— and that's saying something.

ESSIE'S 'WATERMELON' + 'BIKINI SO TEENY' POLISHES // When it comes to summer nail polish, there's really no need to look further than these two shades... OK, so maybe a good white polish is pretty integral to the mix as well, but really, these two are it. And by it, I mean "IT." Like, Hansel-so-hot-right-now it. 'Watermelon' is the perfect pinky-red shade, and it doesn't get much better than 'Bikini So Teeny' if you're a fan of blues. Both are super flattering against the skin, and the formula is standard Essie awesomeness... case closed.

GARNIER FRUCTIS BIG VOLUME HAIRSPRAY // If you're looking for an affordable hairspray option, I would definitely recommend this one— it smells great and helps keep hair in place without leaving it feeling sticky or looking crusty... hey man, it happens. Plus when I say it's affordable, I mean affordable— like, $5.99 affordable. Nicely done, drugstore. xx

Current Drugstore Favourites
Photos by Team AiF

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