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Pixi Glow Tonic To-Go
As if this were even possible, but Pixi's gone and done it again, this time with a genius innovation to their cult-favourite product, the Glow Tonic... that's right friends, everyone's favourite affordable chemical exfoliant (say that five times fast) is now available in pad form, perfect for times of travel and running out of cotton pads alike. I know, I was excited too. But can I be real with you guys for a second? Despite the fact that it makes no rational sense, I honestly think these work better than the original formula. I'm not sure if it's psychological because I'm a magpie who likes things that are all shiny and new, but I'm way more impressed with this version of the product. It's probably the exact same in every way (it's 5% glycolic, after all), but for some reason my skin seems to respond way better to the Glow Tonic in pad form over the traditional liquid... Perhaps it's because I haven't used GT for a while and my skin's missed it and its exfoliating ways, or maybe it's because I've been taking my time to really buff it into my skin (hey man, gotta use up both sides of those pads!), but it's really been working for me lately... oh Pixi, you get all the gold stars. xx
Pixi Glow Tonic To-Go
Photos by Adventures in Fashion

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