Frownies Facial Patches

Anti-aging with Frownies Facial Patches
Sometimes the greatest products are the simplest ones; for instance, on the surface, paper strips with a tacky surface don't seem like much of anything, but when applied in the context of wrinkle treatment and prevention, they suddenly become a genius innovation. Enter Frownies, my latest weapon in the fight against aging. My girl Lyndsey told me about them a few months ago, but I only remembered them halfway through December, and after a particularly frown-heavy session in front of the computer, I decided to bite the bullet and place an order. It's not that they were expensive or anything (they cost less than $20 a box), but I just wasn't sure how effective they would be... turns out, quite a bit. 

How do they work, you ask? Let me tell you. The patches are applied to the forehead and/or between the eyes and left overnight (also during particularly stressful workdays, if you're anything like me), forming a splint that holds your skin in place and helps relax the underlying muscles. Skin cells evidently reposition themselves in the process, and ultimately, a more youthful-looking complexion is created. Naturally I was skeptical at first, but after seeing how relaxed my skin looked between my eyes after the first night of wearing them (I usually have a slight furrow when I wake up in the morning), I was hooked... and so is Mr. AiF, as it turns out. Hey, the couple that Frownies together, stays together. 
Anti-aging with Frownies Facial Patches
To use, complete your usual skincare routine then remove your desired number of Frownie strips (there are several configurations you can use — see here). Use water or a facial spray to moisten the tacky side of the strip to activate the vegetable-based adhesive and apply to the skin, holding in place until the strip adheres. In the morning, simply wet the strip again to remove and enjoy your more relaxed-looking forehead... no Botox required.

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