Holiday Skincare Survival Guide

Holiday Skincare Survival Guide
The holidays can wreak havoc on our skin like nobody's business, which is why it's smart to take a few simple precautions where our complexions are concerned during this time of year. Even incorporating a few simple steps into your daily skincare routine can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your complexion, so here are a few simple tips for surviving the holidays where skincare is concerned... and hey, if all else fails, there's always the new year to get things in order, right?

1. EAT CLEAN // The holidays are ripe with sugary treats and endless supplies of alcohol, so where possible, try and keep things clean. If you can avoid processed foods and refined sugars here and there, do it — every little bit helps, and your skin is likely to be less inflamed and irritated as a result.

2. HYDRATE //  Keeping your skin clear this time of year can largely be helped by your hydration levels, so drink as much water as safely possible to offset any of the naughty treats or excessive levels of alcohol mentioned in point one... Also, don't forget to topically moisturize your skin, obvs.

3. WASH YOUR FACE // I know it can be super temping to go to bed with a face-full of makeup after that company holiday party of yours, but try and make sure to remove all your makeup before bed each evening. Nightime is when our skin replenishes itself the most, so let it breathe and do its thing by washing off all your makeup before bed... it'll pay off in the end, believe me.

4. EXFOLIATE, SON // Sloughing off any dead, dry skin cells can go a long way towards giving you a healthy glow, so make sure you do so weekly during the holidays. All those sugary treats, drinks and late nights will understandably take their toll on your face, but exfoliating will help ensure your complexion looks glowing and healthy despite all your many indulgences.

5. CATCH SOME Zzzzs // Not always the easiest feat when you have loose ends to wrap up, end-of-year deadlines and parties galore happening all at the same time, but try and get as much sleep during the holiday season as humanly (and socially possible); your skin— and cognitive abilities — will thank you big time. xx

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