When Good Products Go Bad

Whether we'd like to admit it or not, the practice of holding onto beauty products well past their prime is a very real, very disgusting habit many of us are guilty of. You know that lipstick from junior high you can't get rid of because it reminds you of your first crush? How about that expensive face mask you reserve for special occasions that never come? Yeah, well, all those products are gross now and you should probably throw them out. With my recent quest to tidy up my life (yes, I'm talking about that book), I've taken some time to really think about my relationship with beauty products and why I feel the need to hoard them... and purchase multiples of the same item well before I need it. I'm no expert, but I'm guessing it's probably not necessary to have six face washes on the go at one time, for example (...guilty). Now I know not all of you will be beauty-product junkies like I am, but we all have some category of inanimate object we tend to buy too many of or are reluctant to part with, so in a sense, this post is about letting go of what no longer serves us or brings us joy (not to get overly Kondo on you or anything). In my case, that just so happens to be beauty products, mainly because they accumulate at a faster rate than I can use them, and because our little condo is quickly running out of nooks and crannies to store them in. This results in 1) a very grumpy Mr. AiF, and 2) me buying multiples of the same thing because I forget what I already have... crazy, right? Uh huh, honey. So I guess this little rant is designed to help me take ownership, purge the crap out of my beauty collection, and find a storage solution that actually works for me. It feels like I go through the cycle of throwing away crusty hair products and dried-out nail polish bottles every year, so I'd like to find a solution that goes the distance and actually stick to it — here's where I plan to start:

1 // Throw away any old, unusable products;
2 // Start a give-away pile of products that are still good/gently unused that I don't like but friends/family might enjoy;
3 // Buy less — like, way less;
4 // Keep track of best-before dates to avoid letting products go bad before I can use them up;
5 // Store products in such a way that everything is visible and accessible (no more boxes!).

So here's where we spread the love and words of encouragement — if you have any tips for streamlining and/or storing your personal possessions that really works for you (KonMari Method or otherwise), I would love to hear them... happy tidying, friends! xx

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