Fully Flared

Suede jacket- Forever 21 | striped top + flares- H&M | bandana- Ardene | heels- Aldo, all c/o Crossiron Mills
Flared jeans?! Who is this person? I don't even recognize myself since I caught the 70's bug... That's right friends, my name is Vickie and I'm a 1970's addict. My recent trip to Crossiron Mills apparently exacerbated my condition, because I walked out of the mall fully vibing with the popular decade... all I need now are some mood rings, a few peace signs and something that's tie dyed, and I'll be good to go.  #GroovyBaby

If you should find yourself at Calgary's favourite outlet mall and are also feeling those 70's vibes, here are some handy tips for navigating your way through all the stores: 
  • Hit up H&M or Joe Fresh for flares — their selections right now are killing it; 
  • Go to Forever 21 if you're in the market for some awesome suede bits (we're talking skirts, vests, jackets, errrything); 
  • Should you want to channel your inner Jackie, try Ardene for some awesome accessories, especially by way of bandanas;
  • Aldo has you covered in terms of footwear, handbag and hat options, but also check out DSW and Winners if you have some extra time to shop around.
Happy shopping friends, and most importantly of all, happy Friday! ☮

Photos by Anton Atienza

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  1. I really like the combo of those jeans and that jacket! :)

    - Dani | www.styledvariety.com