Jo Malone Mania

One thing I know for sure is that Jo Malone has completely changed the way I look at fragrance — no question. It was love at first sniff, and not only are their perfumes less artificial smelling than other scents I've worn in the past (sorry Tommy Girl), but they seem to last on my skin all day and just — I don't even know how to put it — I guess they just make me feel like a woman and not an LG ('little girl'). Plus the bottles make for the ultimate photo prop and vanity accessory, so all things considered, I guess the benefits of Jo Malone are actually three-fold.
My personal favourites, and the ones I wear most often, are Pomegranate Noir (my ultimate scent),  Blue Agava and Cacao (my first fragrance from the brand), and Wood Sage and Sea Salt (a fresh-to-death mother f'er) — the first two are deep, sensual scents that actually smell amazing when layered together (the first is more fruity while the second is more floral), while the latter is light, fresh and deliciously woody. The thing about these scents in general is a little goes a long way, and once you have more than one in your collection, you can layer them together to create variations of the scents you love — it's a pretty amazing thing.
If you've never smelled any of the fragrances from the Jo Malone range, I would highly recommend stopping by a counter near you and asking for a couple samples (if you live in Edmonton, Holt Renfrew stocks the stuff, and Calgary's Nordstrom is super generous with their samples). If on the other hand you're a hard-core fan like I am, I would love to hear your favourites and which scents you like wearing together... smell ya later! xx
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