Vest- Zara | culotte romper- Noul | heels- Alexander Wang | sunnies- Celine | bag- Chloe | necklaces- Jules Smith | rings- Mejuri + Gorjana
Any Wet Hot American Summer fans in the house? I just recently devoured the entire season in two sittings, and let me tell you, it's the greatest thing to happen to me since Kimmy Schmidt... and I don't say that lightly. This wall made me think of the musical they put on at Camp Firewood — Electro/City — and now I can't stop humming one of the songs from it in my head (zoot suit!) or thinking about this particular dance sequence. If you haven't seen the show then none of this will make any sense to you, so 1) go watch it on Netflix immediately; and 2) let's talk about this outfit instead. I totally forgot about this linen vest from a few months ago until I went hunting for this (also linen) culotte romper in my closet, and figured two wrinkle-heavy items were better than one. Sound logic, because if you can't wear linen in the summer, when can you wear it? Exactly. Two weeks of wear time left, then it's back to the closet to be forgotten until next summer... kind of like Eric. xx

Photos by Kastles

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  1. So fabulous!