3 Pamper Night Essentials

Everyone needs a good pamper session from time to time, be that solo or with your ladies, slumber party style (don't scoff — those are the best!). What that actually means will vary from person to person, but here are my essentials for a rocking pamper night in... cookie dough ice cream encouraged.

1. COMFIES // How's a girl supposed to relax and treat herself if she's not in her comfiest of comfies? For me, that means this little flamingo sleep set from Joe Fresh... the second I spied these on my pal Kassie's Instagram feed, I knew I had to have them — #noregrets

 Whatever that may look like for your particular needs, moisturize, slough, clarify, etc. to your hears content... we're talking big primpin' here, people! I'm in a major dehydration slump where my skin is concerned these days, so my treatments of choice include Aesop's Resurrection Hand Balm and Essie's Apricot Cuticle Oil to get my hands in tip top shape. And although face masks are an obvious choice, right now I'm more interested in getting my feet sandal ready — Foot Therapy Exfoliant Wraps to the rescue!

3. R&R // The whole point of a pamper night is to unplug and unwind, and for me, that means sipping on some tasty tea (in my favourite mug, of course!), flipping through my ever-growing stack of unread magazines and heading to bed nice and early for some much-needed beauty sleep... if that's not quite your jam, binge watching Netflix ain't half bad either. xx

Photos by Adventures in Fashion

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  1. Those comfies are the cutest....just like you!