What's Old Is New

Top- Anthropologie (sold out; dress version) | boyfriend jeans- Gap | wallet- Louis Vuitton via Closet Collabo* | heels- Ralph Lauren | sunnies- Forever 21 | cuff- J.Crew
Growing up on Vancouver Island, one of my favourite pass-times was going vintage or consignment shopping with friends, and checking out the countless antique stores lining the streets of Victoria with my mom (shout out to all my fellow Antiques Roadshow fans!). So to say that I have a deep appreciation for vintage treasures is a major understatement — it's now in my blood, especially where homewares, jewelry and accessories are concerned. Tracking down the perfect trinket — be it vintage or just pre-loved — can be incredibly satisfying, and when that item happens to be designer, that's just next-level amazing.

Closet Collabo has quickly become a resource for vintage and pre-loved designer bits and bobs, and after only a few minutes on the site, I zeroed in on this amazing Louis Vuitton wallet. The charm bracelet patterning reminds me of something a 90's supermodel would wear, aka the ultimate measure of glamour (when in doubt, just ask yourself: 'What would Cindy Crawford do?').

I don't know about you guys, but when I'm particularly drawn to a wallet, I tend to leave my purse at home and just tote around the essentials: Sunglasses (on head), keys and lipstick (in pockets), and gum (tucked away in my wallet for easy access). After all, a thing of beauty deserves to be seen (and Instagrammed alongside coffee!), so I did just that during a recent friend date.

{ Quick note to my fellow vegetarians staring at the ham croissant above in disbelief — fret not, it was Sandy's lunch, not mine! It just looked too fabulous to resist... hey, anything to get the shot, ammiright? #bloglife }

Backpack- Mossimo | wallet- Louis Vuitton via Closet Collabo* | headphones- Frends c/o Shopbop | lipstick- YSL | nail polish- Cake

Vintage wallets aside, another thing I've been gravitating towards lately is white lace, because it can instantly make you look put-together than you actually are — you're welcome, boyfriend jeans. And hey, if said lace happens to come in pineapple-print form, even better. This Anthropologie top was so good, it sold out before I could get my hands on it, but luckily for me I can nick one from a friend's closet without her minding too much — who knows, maybe she'll even forget I have it (wink wink). xx

Note: Closet Collabo is offering 20% off your purchase when you use the code "adventuresinfashion" — happy shopping!

*This post was sponsored by Closet Collabo; all opinions shared are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.

Photos by The Pretty Secrets


  1. That top is so pretty!

  2. Awesome post. You look amazing xx


  3. I've been lusting over that top from anthro...and those sunnies! I die! xx