Make This Two-Finger Ring

You guys! I'm obsessed with Kendra Scott's two-finger rings right now, so I figured that before I shell out for one, I may as well try my hand at DIYing it first. And although my version pales in comparison to the original (understatement!), it's a pretty decent substitute for the time being. Feel like getting your DIY on too? Here's what you'll need to do!


Start by warming up some clay between your hands and filling your 'compression sleeves' (aka the round bits above) with it. Now I'm not going to go and pretend that I know what a compression sleeve is, I just found them at the hardware store one day when I was looking for odds and ends that would make interesting jewelry findings. Fun fact? If you do find yourself in a hardware store anytime soon, expect to have every.single.person on staff look at you strangely and ask if they can help you — apparently they can sense when you're not in your element or something. Maybe the frilly dress and leopard coat gave me away? Anyway, when that's done, roll the clay pieces in your glitter glass and try to coat them as evenly as possible before putting them aside for a bit.

Grab your wire and mold it around your fingers so you get a sense of the size and shape you'll need. Once you have a prototype, smooth out the edges of the wire as best you can, and cut off any excess (I used pliers for this, but if you have wire cutters, more power to you!).

Now for the easy part — add the clay/compression sleeve bits to the ring base you just created, and pop the whole thing into the oven based on the clay's package instructions. I think I left mine in for about 20 minutes, but just watch it to ensure the golden hue of the ring doesn't darken or turn coppery (unless that's what you're into). Let the ring cool fully and go over the glitter glass with a clear coat of nail polish to seal everything in place.

Once all that's done and everything is nice and dry, you're all finished! Who knew a trip to the hardware store could be so fulfilling? xx

Photos by Brittney Le Blanc + Adventures in Fashion

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