4 Everyday Makeup Essentials

I don't know about you guys, but I just don't feel like myself unless I have makeup on... that could be a lot or a little, but either way, my day doesn't really start until my face is on (sidenote: how creepy is that turn of phrase?). I work from home, so most days include tinted moisturizer, a few coats of mascara and something on my cheeks — at minimum. I picked up the limited edition NARS blush in 'Almeria' just before the holidays, and I really like it for its soft reddish hue. Now just a quick word of caution to any NARS blush neophytes in the house — their uber-pigmented formula may catch you off guard a little, so just remember that a light hand goes a long way, unless you think clown-face is a cute look.

{ My go-to mascara — L'Oreal's Voluminous Miss Manga is seriously the shizzzz }
If I have a meeting or need to run errands, a little eyeshadow is usually thrown into the mix, which more often than not comes from the Lorac Pro palette (it's good stuff — read more about my love for it here). Eyeliner is another staple, but for everyday makeup looks, I tend to either skip it or use the darkest shadow from the palette along my lash line and call it a day.

My last everyday makeup staple? Why lipstick, of course! The colour may change depending on my mood or outfit, but some form of it is on my lips at all times. Excessive, maybe, but a girl's gotta feel her best. I'm a big fan of matte reds, and this one from YSL is the bees knees... such a pretty shade that you can gently pat on for a natural wash of colour ("Who me? No, I woke up like this") or layer on like your life depended on it (let's face it, me on most days). Either way, it's a win. xx

Photos by Sandy Joe Karpetz

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