Clay Ring Cone

I get far more pleasure from jewelry than any one girl ever should, but storing it is an entirely different matter. I like having my daily bits out on display where I can easily grab them in the mornings, while everything else gets stored (and realistically, forgotten) in an Ikea drawer. So after creeping on all the ring cones over on Shop Anomie, I realized that not only are they a cute, space-efficient way to store some of my daily faves, but that I could actually — hold the phone — make one myself! So if you feel so inclined, here's what you'll need to whip one of these up too:

Start by warming up the clay between your hands for a few minutes to loosen it up. Slowly roll the clay into a cone shape, taking time to smooth out any ridges and make it as symmetrical as possible... unless you're into a less polished look, in which case go nuts!

Using the baking instructions on the package, pop the clay into the oven for about 45 minutes, or until it hardens. Once fully cooled, go over the clay with a gold leaf pen. You could also use spray paint, a sharpie or acrylic paint to decorate the cone — it's up to you!

Ta daaaa! A delightful ring cone to call your very own... can you believe how easy that was?! I just love the look of these things, so much so that I'm actually thinking of whipping up a few more to give as holiday gifts this year... talk about spreading the love! xx

Photos by Adventures in Fashion

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  1. I am desperate for somewhere to put my rings. I think I need a good ring tray. And something for my necklaces. It's a gong show up int here.
    xoxo, Laura