Transitional Dressing

Leather jacket- Zara (old; great options here) | top- Club Monaco | shorts- Winners (last seen here) | booties c/o Composure Vintage | bag- Alexander Wang | necklace c/o Lia Sophia | rings- Hudson's Bay
Tights are a many wondered thing, are they not? Not only do they elongate the legs (non-patterned ones, at least) and, you know, keep you warm or whatever, they give all your summery clothing new life once fall kicks in. These shorts were a summertime favourite, and now thanks to the majesty of tights (and a deep berry lip), BAM! Fall apropos. Funny how that works, huh? xx

Photos by Sandy Joe Karpetz


  1. I love the shorts paired with the tights for fall! So pretty!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. Love the shorts - the print is awesome! And I agree - I love that tights can extend summery items into fall.

  3. Girl you look like a major babe in these photos! I haven't busted out the tights but I know it's coming! xo

    miss ya!

  4. I love your look. You are so stunningly pretty. and so stylish! What a pretty smile, and what wonderful choices in your clothing.
    I totally agree with your comments about tights, albeit mine comes from a somewhat different perspective. I grew up in tights, since I started ballet as a 5 yr old boy. I guess I was always a bit different, because I loved my tights, and loved wearing them even at home under sweaters and long tees, etc. When others were wearing jeans non stop, I invested as a teen in leggings.
    Now I"m on campus as a dance major, and I find myself regularly in tights and shorts, as you are. Recently I've discovered rompers/playsuits, and have taken to wearing them sometimes with sheer tights. Tights for me are definitely infectious.
    I don't mind the looks and the stares. I just want to be even half as stylish as you are.

    I will follow your blog.

    You are definitely an inspiration.

    Jayme, your ballet and fashion loving GUY fan.

  5. Love that leather jacket - the studs on it make it look so stylish.