Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a demonstration of Kerastase's Discipline treatment at The Cutting Room, a local salon here in Edmonton. Some fellow bloggers and I were treated to a night of mega-pampering that resulted in smooth, manageable hair that's still going strong weeks later (take that, frizz!). That evening — coupled with my new-found love of Bumble and Bumble products — made me realize that it's time to get serious about caring for my damaged mane, once and for all. A long-overdue trim was had (thanks, John!), and I'm taking steps to nourish my hair in ways I would have previously scoffed at.

For starters, I'm injecting moisture back into my dry hair every week with *Kerastase's Bain Satin 2 Shampoo and Nutritive Lait Vital Conditioner. Both products are light and leave my hair feeling soft and smooth, but the real transformation has come thanks to the Immersion Nutritive pre-shampoo replenisher and the Nectar Thermique heat protective treatment. The former nourishes my tired locks overnight while I sleep (I like to apply it to my hair at least once a week), while the latter protects against all the inevitable styling that goes down. And although I'm not crazy about the scent of these products, they really do leave my hair feeling all shiny and new. So if you suffer from dry hair like I do (damn you, natural curls!), I would definitely recommend dabbling in this range, and if you have any hair care recommendations of your own, I'm all ears! xx

Photos by Adventures in Fashion

*All Kerastase products c/o The Cutting Room