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I'm always on the hunt for anything that can liven up my complexion (and recently, anything that can help my parched hair), so I couldn't resist showing you some products I'm trying out at the moment in case you're on the hunt for something similar. So far I'm pretty happy with all three of these bad boys, all for different reason... here goes.

CLINIQUE CHUBBY STICK CHEEK COLOUR BALM IN 'ROBUST RUBARB' — Remember how I went on (and on) about Clinique's cheek pops a while back? Even going so far as to vow not to use another blush all season long? Well summer is over, and there's a new blusher in town. I love this one because it glides on and blends incredibly well (both with and without a brush), plus it gives you a nice, natural flush — no powdery residue here, ladies.

FIRST AID BEAUTY FACIAL RADIANCE PADS — Ever wish you had a chemical exfoliant that was gentle enough for daily use? Well this is it, my friends. Now don't get me wrong, Liquid Gold is still my spirit animal, but because it's so intense, it only gets pulled off the shelf once a week... but what about all those other days? Surely our skin deserves a pamper the rest of the time, yes? I'm loving these pads as part of my morning skincare routine, because they help wake up my skin without any harsh, stripping effect — definitely worth a try.

KEVIN MURPHY ANGEL MASQUE — Even though I don't colour my hair, I'm really digging this mask as a deep conditioner for my tired locks. It leaves my hair soft and smooth, while the smell keeps me coming back for more. Kevin Murphy can really do no wrong in the hair care department, and this one definitely gets my stamp of approval.

3 Beauty Products to Try
Let me know if you guys have any products that you're loving (or just testing out) right now, and as always, thanks so much for reading! xx

Photos by Adventures in Fashion

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