In The Bag

Suede duffel bag- Topshop (new version) | tank- ACNE | jeans- Gap | bangles- J.Crew + Hudson's Bay | lipstick- Stila's 'Beso'
I briefly showed you guys this gem of a bag during last week's mini haul, but I just couldn't resist introducing you to her once again, and in a little more detail... I mean seriously, isn't she a beaut?! Not to get all Helen Hunt up in here, but I'm mad about you, little Topshop bag (weird reference?). In fact, I've coveted it since spotting it on Anna a while back, but since my local TS didn't seem to carry it, I came to terms with the fact that we would never be together... Long story short, I happened upon it while in Vancouver, ON SALE and waiting for me — kismet.

Now sadly this bag is sold out (I know, I'm sorry!), but fret not my friends — she has a sister! Equally cute and something of a fall counterpart, this version ain't half bad... I'm officially tempted. xx

Photos by Mr. AiF