Korean Skincare Faves

Not too long I ago, I read an article on Into The Gloss that was talking about Korean skincare and the million (OK, 10) steps involved in many Korean beauty regimens. This intrigued me on many levels; partly because I take anything ITG says as gospel, but mainly because the products mentioned in the post were packed with collagen...  And we all know what that does for the skin. So off I went to SOKO Glam to place my order for what I thought to be a particularly promising range, figuring I had nothing but $80 to lose (which covered the Etude House Collagen Moistfull Freshener, cream (complete with a bonus collagen essence) and eye cream). And you know what? My gamble paid off — not that anything ITG-recommended is much of a gamble, but you just never know how new products will jive with your skin. #success

So here's the low-down — this stuff is kind of weird. I mean, you put on this 'essence' gel (which I interpret as some kind of serum) before the toner (sorry, freshener), which just seems counterintuitive to me. Then it's business as usual, slathering on the 'moistful' moisturizer (get your mind out of the gutter) and eye cream. And even though said eye cream left my undereyes dry and creased (a major no-no), the rest of the products were seriously magic-inducing. You know when you see actresses (Kelly Rutherford immediately comes to mind) with taught, perfect-looking skin that you just chalk up to their winning the genetic lottery? Well this stuff has that effect on the skin. So much so that I've abandoned my beloved serums and moisturizers in favour of the stuff (aside from the odd break for Alpha-H's Liquid Gold, of course). So aside from the eye cream which just wasn't my jam, this range is seriously legit.

So since we're sharing skincare revelations and all, now it's YOUR turn: Any gems you would recommend to your skincare-obsessed sistas? We're all ears! xx


  1. The truth serum by Ole Henrickson. It's the one thing in my routine I won't bend on.

  2. I swear by Korean skincare and beauty! Did you know there is even a Korean skincare and beauty shop in Edmonton?
    They don't have as big of a selection as online shops do, but you have the extra bonus of service and taking your purchases home right away


  3. I don’t know much about Korean skincare routine but I would like to say its just awesome thanks.