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I've been on a bit of a shopping kick lately (I'm thinking May is gonna have to be another shopping ban month), including a mini online tryst with ASOS. Nothing too crazy, but let's just say that my virtual cart ranneth over with a striped skirt (stay tuned!) and this totally awesome blazer. I don't know if it's the vibrant colours or the in-your-face print, but I'm in love with this blazer and in a big way... And now for the credit card payments. xx

Outfit details: top- Forever 21 (old); blazer- ASOS (get it here); distressed jeans- Gap; two-tone Adriene pumps- ShoeMint; vintage clutch- The Pretty Secrets; bracelets- Forever 21


  1. That blazer is quite probably the hottest thing I've seen in a while!

  2. The blazer is super cute and I'm loving those bright pumps! Shopping is a fickle friend but if the skirt you picked up is the skirt I'm thinking of, we're in for one helluva outfit post.

    Chelsea & The City

  3. This blazer is so amazing!!! Love the colours and pattern on it. I'm on a shopping ban for sure!!

  4. LOVE your outfit.. that jacket n shoes <3 <3

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  5. So cute! love it missy! I look forward to the skirt
    <3 Kastles

  6. Sounds like a productive month! This blazer is amazing - love the colors and the print. It'll go with everything (maybe forever). Just keep repeating that to yourself as you pay it off!

    Trendy Mondays Blog

  7. That jacket is amazing!
    I only shopped on ASOS once because I ended up being charged so much in Duty!! I thought I'd bypassed the duty thingy by ordering from the US site...but not so much...did you end up with a bunch of additional charges? I love their stuff, but the idea of running into so many hidden fees again scares me!

    Natasha ~

    1. Thanks, girl! Duty wasn't too bad this time, but it did end up costing an extra $17... I get how frustrating it can be though! And I try to avoid it too, but every now and then I can't resist ;)

  8. Very nice outfit. You look very hot.


  9. That blazer is FANTASTIC. I love love love the colours and prints. Perfect.

  10. That blazer is so fun!

    I'm still credit card free, so I'm mostly able to avoid the online shopping temptation, which is probably for the best! I love the clothes at ASOS though...

  11. This blazer is FAB. I am obsessed with Asos love there stuff but hate all the customs agents who over charge on duty. Definitely hitting up Asos ... NOW lol