Electronic Tag Luggage by Rimowa

This efficient German luggage company makes luggage that allows checking-in a lot easier. Their collection of luggage has a convenient feature that lets you check-in your luggage at home. There is also an electronic tab attached, so you do not have to line up and remove sticker tags.

The Biggest Carry-On by AWAY

Aside from having a lot of storage space for your clothing, this carry-on luggage can withstand pressure, making it unbreakable. It is also great to keep your electronic essentials since this luggage has a charger installed, so it can charge any device with USB.

A22 Carry-On by Raden

This smart carry-on luggage can charge any USB device, identify the location, and compute your luggage weight. Weighing at 8.4 lbs, this luggage is lightweight. Therefore, you can pack more without worrying about the added weight.

Pluggage Connected Luggage by Delsey

This polished and French-inspired luggage can be connected to your phone by installing an app. Therefore, you can easily lock and locate your luggage. It can also alert you if there is any problem. Other features include a battery charger installed in the suitcase and fingerprint accessibility.

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