A Small First-Aid Kit

A small first-aid is a must-have in case of minor bumps, cuts, or scrapes. It does not take much bag space, but it is very helpful. A few band-aids can do a lot when you get blisters from long walks. For minor scrapes and cuts, Polysporin will come in handy. For pain relief and disinfection, hydrogen peroxide is included.


If you are one of many people who tend to get allergies when traveling, you better have a stash of antihistamines ready such as Benadryl. They are good to have on hand because you do not want hives, rashes, or spots to ruin your vacation photos. It can also save you time and money from going to a doctor in an unfamiliar place.


No matter the weather of your vacation destination, a travel-sized Vaseline will be useful in a lot of ways. It can prevent the lips from chapping due to frigid weather or dry winds. It also keeps the hands moisturized and gives protection on small wounds.


Traveling to new places means trying new delicacies, various spices, and cooking methods. Although most will not make you feel ill, you might experience indigestion, heartburn, or a painful stomach. Taking an antacid can relieve you of these digestion problems.

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