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It's so surreal typing up this post, because I'm actually writing it the week prior to our wedding. I'm sure future Vickie is super happy and tired from all the dancing she did at her 90's-themed dance party, but this current Vickie is all anxious and caught up in the details. Thoughts like 'My welcome signage isn't gold enough — everyone's going to notice,' and 'What if my dress is still too long and I fall flat on my face while children laugh and point?' are haunting me... Let's just hope future Vickie got it together enough to make sure that didn't happen. I'm looking forward to re-reading this little entry on the day it goes live to assess just how neurotic past Vickie really was (what a wreck), and in some strange way, bridge the gap between past and future... but really just the neurotic bit. xx

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Just Married!

Monday, August 31, 2015
On him: Plaid shirt- Topman | shorts- Hudson's Bay | watch c/o Daniel Wellington
On her: Top- Anthropologie | jeans- Zara | watch c/o Daniel Wellington | bracelet- Winners | ring- Mejuri
With our wedding day fast approaching, Mr. AiF and I have been frantically running around trying to get ready for the big day, all while trying to juggle the stresses of daily life. In a very short time (two months!), Andrew has landed his dream job, volunteered tirelessly in an election campaign, and I've travelled, taken on a site redesign, and worked hard at growing this little business of mine, all while planning what I hope will be our dream wedding. To say that we're tired is a massive understatement (concealer is my new best friend!), but we're also happy and really excited by what the future holds, and at the end of the day, that's all that really matters, right?
Amidst all the planning and countless details we didn't even know we needed to think about (!!!), we've made sure to take time for ourselves and do things together that don't just involve going over menus, colour schemes and contracts. Going to the dog park on weekends, taking an hour each night to watch our favourite show, or even just carving out some time for a quick coffee date here and there has really helped keep us sane (for the most part), and I would really recommend doing something special with your significant other — no matter how big or small — every day. Life's too short not to!
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Thanks for reading friends, and wish us luck for the big day this Saturday — if my head can keep from exploding, I'll need it! See you back here on Monday (I'll be taking a breather tomorrow to ensure that aforementioned head-exploding doesn't occur). xx

Photos by Ashley Antonio

Watch This

Thursday, August 27, 2015
Top- Kate Spade | boyfriend jeans- Zara | watch c/o Daniel Wellington | sunnies- Celine | bag- Chloe | heels- DVF c/o Shopbop | necklace- Jules Smith | bracelet- Chloe
Stripes have always been a key component of my wardrobe, so when I spotted this striped top at Kate Spade a few weeks ago, I knew I had to add it to my collection. It's super soft and well-made, and because I'm on a quest to de-clutter my life and adopt more of a slow fashion approach to shopping, I figured it would be a good piece to invest in. In fact, one of my biggest goals as we move into fall is to not only rid myself of the excess that's bogging me down both mentally and physically, but to challenge myself to stick to quality over quantity, and general mindfulness, when shopping from here on out. Like most of us, I've done my fair share of damage in the fast fashion department, and that somehow has translated into countless items that I have no desire to wear whatsoever. The more I invest in quality pieces, however, the less I seem to want to buy (funny how that works), and my thought is that if I can pair down my wardrobe to a well-curated collection of basics, it'll probably be a whole lot easier to get dressed in the morning (because believe me, it ain't easy). Bad habits are certainly hard to break though (Zara is my biggest weakness), and all I or anyone else can do is their best — so here's to trying! xx

Photos by Ashley Antonio

The Stripe

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
With my wedding day (and period) fast approaching, I've been on a quest to clear up my skin as quickly and painlessly as possible. It's amazing what a few good products can do, but what I've really noticed over the past few weeks is that good habits are the best way to keep that skin of yours looking flawless. So with that in mind, here's are a few tips that have been working for me so far (I'm no expert, but I hope this helps!):

1 //  KEEP IT CLEAN. This is the biggest "No sh*t, Sherlock" point, but one that goes deeper than you might think. I've washed my face everyday since the tender age of 12, but with environmental dirt and makeup comes deeper buildup that might be more than your cleanser can tackle alone. In order to get the deepest possible clean, and therefore clearer skin, I would recommend double cleansing. That could mean using a micellar water (I love Bioderma) followed by your favourite cleanser, or a lightweight cleanser followed by a thicker balm or oil one. Whatever method you choose, washing your face twice can go a long way towards making sure your skin is actually left clean and ready to absorb the subsequent steps of your beauty regimen.

2 //  EXFOLIATE. Whether physical or chemical exfoliants (like Pixi's Glow Tonic) are your jam, be sure to slough off dry, yucky skin once or twice a week while you're skin is on the mend. I really enjoy using both methods interchangeably, but figure out what works best for your skin and go from there — it's amazing (at least for me) what a good exfoliating session can do for the overall state of my skin!

3 //  PILLOW TALK. Something I never thought about before is just how important it is to change your pillow case regularly. Now that that's on my radar, I turn my pillow over each night until I'm ready to change the sheets, which for me tends to be every third night (but go with what works for you). If there's built up sweat and bacteria lining your pillows, you better believe that will be lining your face as well — not cute. And as an extra word of caution, be sure to use a clean towel each time you dry your face and avoid touching it too much throughout the day — again, bacteria.

4 // CLARIFY. Every week — either as a spot treatment or all over my face — I like to use a clarifying face mask to help bring out impurities and calm down the overall state of my skin. For me, nine times out of ten that means Glamglow's Supermud Clearing Treatment, which I'll often follow up with a more nourishing treatment to prevent dry, peeling skin (which I also suffer from, big time). Treating acne can be a bit of a balancing act, so make sure to replenish your skin if you're going heavy on the clarifying front.

5 // GET CLICHE. When it comes to a healthy complexion, following all those cliche bits of advice you've heard over the years can be a good rule of thumb. Dink lots of water, eat a healthy, balanced diet, and for the love of God, catch as many Zs as possible — beauty sleep is a very real thing, people! xx

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5 Tips for Clearer Skin

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Blouse- Asos (more options) | jeans- Gap | bag- Rebecca Minkoff | flats- Aquazzura | sunnies- Celine | bandana- Forever 21 | necklace- Jules Smith | bracelets- Chloe + Rachel Zoe (love her clothing line) | rings- Mejuri + Gorjana
I'm obviously on a bandana kick these days, but what better way to amp up those wild wild west vibes than with an off-the-shoulder blouse? If I could dress this way every day, I definitely would... but I draw the line at cowboy boots. Everyone has their limits. xx

Photos by Anton Atienza


Monday, August 24, 2015