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How to styling a slip dress for winter
Coat, slip dress, bag + jewelry c/o Express | turtleneck- old | booties- Belle by Sigerson Morrison c/o Shopbop | sunnies- Celine
How to styling a slip dress for winter
Express saddle bag
I'm not one for girlie dresses, Valentine's Day or otherwise, but I like to switch things up every now and then, particularly on special occasions. That's why I felt compelled to pick up this pinstripe silky slip dress recently. It's pretty and understated, and makes for a great layering piece during the colder winter months... plus it can be dressed up or down, the latter of which being more my jam. So for a casual Galentine's date, this felt like the perfect way to get dressed up while still being laid back and, you know, warm.
How to styling a slip dress for winter
I decided to pair this casual, almost androgynous-looking outfit with a more girlie saddle bag to soften the look, and threw on a couple of my favourite rings for a little extra something something... hey, less is more, right? 
How to styling a slip dress for winter
Thanks for reading friends, and happy Friday! xx

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Photos by Anton Atienza

My Casual Valentine

Friday, February 5, 2016
How to Deal With Stress
Let's face facts, stress isn't doing us any favours — it comes with a long list of negative side effects health-wise (including breakouts, for those of us who are superficially-motivated), and to put it bluntly, it's just an overall bummer. Now I'm not talking about the odd bout of stress here and there, but that pesky, prolonged variety that seems to be increasingly more common. As a blogger (which I know many of you are as well), living with a degree of daily stress has just become part of the deal — between emails, deadlines, social obligations and the ever-suffocating need to 'keep up,' how can stress not be an issue? It's unavoidable regardless of whether you run your own business, work for someone else, go to school, or whatever the case may be. So let's not waste time fixating on how to eliminate stress from our lives altogether (I imagine that would lead to a whole other kind of stress), but instead focus on a few simple things we can do to alleviate those feelings. Here we go.


Knowing exactly what you have to do and by when can be really helpful in terms of making you feel more in control. In my experience, not having a clear and realistic task list for the day makes me feel lost and fearful that I'm forgetting something, which only adds to my stress levels. So regardless of whether you prefer task-management apps or good old fashioned pen-and-paper, write stuff down.


I know it sounds incredibly basic, but one of the most powerful ways for me to personally reduce my stress levels is to have a clean, organized workspace. Clutter can be a real son of a bitch in terms of distracting and disrupting your workflow, so get rid of anything that isn't serving a purpose, tidy up the things that are, and do whatever you can to make your space more visually-appealing to you.


I know it seems pretty dire in the moment, but will it really be the end of the world if you don't finish that task by the end of the day? Will the world around you implode as a result? Well, I certainly hope not. As important as it is to be productive and GSD, it's also important to remember that you're only human and that some days will be better than others. Just take a deep breath and cut yourself some slack — there's always tomorrow.


Implementing a reward system can go a long way towards not only being more productive, but actually being happier in your work as well. How you choose to reward yourself can be anything from taking a 15 minute coffee break after you finish a specific task, going to a movie after you hit all your targets for the week, or buying yourself something you've had your eye on after a big project wraps. For me, it's all about reenforcing good work behaviours with trips to coffee shops to see friends and visits to Sephora — apparently caffeine and cosmetics are powerful motivators for this girl.


Sometimes the best way to reduce stress is to just talk yourself off the ledge — much like my third point, giving yourself some perspective and using kind words of encouragement can be really helpful when dealing with difficult situations. Your attitude impacts your actions and the way you handle stress, and having a good attitude goes back to your internal dialogue, so just make it a positive one, would ya?


This one goes without saying and is pretty self-explanitory, but many of us rarely do it. Even while on vacation, I know a lot of people that continue to work, check emails, or whatever the case may be. The best way to recharge and reduce your stress levels is to truly take a break, so book off some time each year to do something you love, and as often as you can manage it, unplug entirely. I've started taking one day a week off from social media, and I've never known a luxury so sweet... even something as simple as going for lunch without feeling the compulsive need to photograph my food has been super liberating... try it sometime.

Image via Ignant

How to Deal With Stress

Thursday, February 4, 2016
over the knee boots
Sweatshirt- H&M | jeans- American Eagle | coat- Maison Martin Margiela | over-the-knee boots c/o Ted & Muffy | sunnies- Miu Miu | bag- Chloe via Holt Renfrew | lariat necklace- Etsy
over the knee boots
over the knee boots
Chloe Drew bag
oversized sweatshirt
I like big sweatshirts and I can not lie, you other sweaters can't deny... Okay, okay, I'll quit while I'm ahead, but just know this — there's no greater comfort than a giant sweatshirt wrapped around your person. Especially on chilly afternoons spent snapping photos while strange construction workers stare at you from across the street, but hey, that's a story for another day. What is worth mentioning, however, is my newfound appreciation for over-the-knee boots — they're a lot easier to wear than I originally thought, and if you opt for flats, they can be super wearable both day and night... who knew. xx

Photos by Anton Atienza

Over the Knee

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Amopé Pedi Perfect system
Valentine's Day is just around the corner (how is time moving this quickly?!), which always  conjures up images of sweet treats, heart-shaped everything and serious primping. Even before I met Mr. AiF, I remember my girlfriends and I would get together for slumber parties, complete with chocolate, cheesy rom-coms and beauty treatments galore — we're talking facials, manicures, the works. This will be my first Valentine's as a married woman (whaaaat!), but just because my girls and I now have fellas to spend the day with doesn't mean we can't still continue our little primping tradition, now does it? Exactly. Enter Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™.
Amopé Pedi Perfect system
I've noticed that my nails have become a lot more brittle lately, and after my fair share of gel manicures over the holiday season, they felt like they could definitely use a breather. So when I heard about the Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Nail Care System, I was intrigued. I love the look of bare nails, but I never seem to be able to get mine shiny enough to pull off the look; since this tool is known for its buffing and shining abilities (no clear polish required!), naturally I had to give it a try. My logic was that if my nails looked perfectly filed and shined, I could ditch the polish for a while to help them recover... and you know what? I was right (gotta love when that happens).
Amopé Pedi Perfect system
Here's the 411: The system is super quick and easy to use, with three different attachments for filing, buffing and shining fingers and toes. I've always hated filing my nails (something about the sound and feeling drives me crazy), but this electronic nail file was so gentle that I didn't mind the process at all, plus it's way quicker than manual files and doesn't have that God-awful scratching sound. The attachments can be used up to 10 times (depending on nails), are easy to clean, and give your nails whatever shape you like. As for the device itself, it's battery-powered and super portable, making it great for travel and skipping trips to the nail salon... my nails and I are officially ready for you, Valentine's Day.
Amopé Pedi Perfect system
The Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Nail Care System is the perfect and effortless way to keep your toe and finger nails natural looking and shiny. Its ergonomic design allows for use on both toe and fingernails, and comes furnished with two different speed settings (Normal and Fast). The easy to use product comes with three different heads that allows you to file, buff and shine in less than a few minutes.  Get yours now!
This post was brought to you by Amopé™ Canada via Mode Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Amopé™ Canada

Valentine's Ready with Amopé

Tuesday, February 2, 2016
grey shirt dress
T-shirt dress- The Great via Holt Renfrew | wool scarf- Aritzia | patent ankle boots- Aldo | denim bag- 3.1 Phillip Lim via Holt Renfrew | sunglasses- Celine | 'V' necklace- Gorjana c/o Shopbop
Grey shirt dress via The Great
Aritzia grey wool scarf
grey monochrome outfit
Patent ankle boots
grey monochrome
Some days all a girl wants to do is throw on her favourite t-shirt with jeans and go... unfortunately, that's not always kosher. So for those particularly lazy days where you need to look presentable (read: Mondays), I've found the perfect solution — this t-shirt dress from The Great. It's billowy, soft and comfy to the max, but by adding a scarf, structured blazer or jacket and booties, your look is suddenly elevated to the acceptable — which, let's be real, is no small feat come Monday. Then by the time Friday rolls around, switch all that out for black skinny jeans and sneakers, and you'll be ready to Netflix and chill faster than you can say Making a Murderer... problem solved, ladies. xx

Photos by Anton Atienza

The Great

Monday, February 1, 2016