Although this is common, many take drinking water for granted. Dehydration is bothersome on a flight, so drinking water is important. Since there is no moisture in the air inside the plane, moisturizers will not be effective. Therefore, staying hydrated inside out is highly recommended.

Eye Serum

For your eye serum, you can opt for the one that has vitamin E, A, and F to make the sensitive skin around the eyes pampered. Eye serums can also smoothen and soothe, so you avoid having noticeable eye bags, dark circles, and puffiness.


Before and after applying makeup, a facial mist can help nourish and calm your face. Aside from spraying before your flight, you can also spray it from time to time during your flight to maintain your skin’s moisture.


Since the condition inside the plane can be bad for your skin, you better put some moisturizer before your plane takes off and lands. Moisturizers can make your skin plump, so you do not look stressed even after a long flight.

Facial Roller or Massager

These beauty tools are great to use before and during your flight. They can lessen dark circles and puffiness and improve your skin’s circulation.

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