Women get a bad rap for having way too many unnecessary purses sitting in their closets. In a bid to declutter what you can only imagine is a chaotic closet situation, it is wise to boil down your choices to the barest and essential minimum. If you agree, here is a detailed look at how many bags you need to have a professional bag collection.

The Indestructible Bag

Naturally, picking out the basics for your wardrobe — bags, clothing, shoes, or otherwise — depends on your taste and lifestyle. One of the essential bags you could have in your bag arsenal is your big, reliable indestructible bag. This bag, which typically comes in a classic bucket-shaped purse, is typical of high quality, neutral colour, and suitable for professional settings.

Aside from befitting professional settings such as networking or meetings, the indestructible bag is structured and highly functional. This classic bucket-shaped tote is relatively large (As large as you want it to be) and quite spacious, enough to contain any essential everyday item.

The Work/School Bag

While your indestructible bag will come in handy on many days, your wardrobe will require a unique bag dedicated to more rugged and active days. This is where your work bag or student bag comes in. If you are someone whose work or studies requires you to lug around heavy-duty objects such as a laptop and notebooks, then your work/school bag will see many days of use.

This bag could be a classic women’s briefcase complete with a slim build, side compartments, and handles built for being carried by hand. On the other hand, your work/school bag could come in the form of a classic backpack style. The fashion industry has seen a rise in the adoption of backpacks in professional women thanks to their functionality and comfort. This type of bag is best for commuting to work. This bag can be a double agent for switching from work/school to other activities like hiking, going to the gym, and even an overnight bag! This one is a real gem!

The Casual Bag

For the days — or nights — when neither your indestructible bag nor your work bag can cut it, you can count on your clutch bag to come to the rescue. Your casual bag can be just about any bag that fits the definition of presentable, functional, and easy to carry. This is the one bag you can go all out with expressing your personality, be it a casual tote bag or a cute crossbody bag.

While you may not be able to cart around your laptop in this bag easily, it would be great for quick outings and running errands. Your casual bag could either be a structured easy on the eye tote handbag, a simple shoulder bag, or a fun, weightless crossbody bag.

The Outing Bag

The outing bag is perhaps the most optional in the grand scheme of basic wardrobe-essentials. If you are not the kind to spend many days — or nights — out in the town, you might not bust out this baby a lot of times. Your unique, fancy outing bag is most likely going to be a clutch bag, an envelope bag, or even a cute, exciting wristlet and matches your style.

This bag is perfect for the special times when you go out for evening affairs, dates, or dinner. While it is easier said than done, every woman only really needs these four bags in her wardrobe. Of course, that won’t stop some of us from splurging and going the extra mile. That is, after all, the fun in fashion!

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