You may have promised yourself to be more stylish by adding more clothes other than your custom T-shirts in your closet. Although you can read here that it might have been challenging to reach this goal before, reading this can be the perfect time for you to do it.

We are all guilty of making bad decisions when purchasing clothes. It could be keeping clothes that you have not worn for the longest time, or worse, you have not worn ever. It could also be buying clothes on impulse because they are marked down. Although you have these wardrobe regrets, you can still do something about them.

Continue reading to learn some tips on how to be more stylish. Aside from being more fashionable, these will also help you save money and look more confident.

If the Clothing Piece Does Not Fit, Do Not Hold Onto or Purchase It

It is natural to not want to discard clothes that do not fit anymore. This happens because you might be hoping that they will fit one day. Some people also purchase clothes with sizes that are smaller as a form of motivation to diet.

Also, the clothing piece might not be available in their size or is on sale. Nevertheless, holding onto or purchasing this kind of clothing is one of the worst fashion decisions you may do if you want to make more room in your closet. You have to think and be honest. You can sell or donate clothes that do not fit you any longer instead.

Do Not Buy Clothes That Do Not Compliment You

This is connected to holding onto clothes that do not fit you. There is also a tendency for many people to keep clothes that do not complement them. Maybe this item of clothing was bought because it was on-trend.

You might have also purchased clothes because they looked great on someone without trying them on. Clothes that do not make you feel comfy and confident should not be included in your wardrobe anymore.

Do Not Buy Clothes Mainly Because They’re on Sale

It is indeed tempting to purchase things that have big discounts. When it comes to branded clothing pieces, you might think that it is a good investment to get them when they are marked down. This can be true if this clothing piece is something you can see yourself wearing many times. However, do not buy things mainly because they are discounted. If you cannot wear them, you would only end up spending more.

Get Rid of Other Clothes When You Buy New Ones

One of the most effective methods in maintaining and upgrading your wardrobe is to get rid of some of your clothes when you buy new ones. Every time you add clothes, you can donate or sell the clothes you plan to discard. You can organize your closet better and become more conscious when you buy new clothes. You will be more careful to get clothes that you are confident with. This is because buying new clothes means you have to remove something else from your wardrobe.


Hopefully, with the tips above, you’ll be able to upgrade your fashion sense and save tons of money in the process. Best of luck!

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