Try This for Anti-Aging

When we think about what it means to look older, we tend to focus on the surface of the skin, but epidermal damage is only part of the problem; our underlying muscles also play a big part in the aging process... party. These muscles naturally weaken over time, causing skin to sag and lose firmness, especially around the eyes where skin is thinner and more fragile. To make matters worse, the natural fat deposits around the area move outward as we age, resulting in those dreaded undereye bags (you can affectionately call them designer if you like, but facts are facts). 

Enter Genucel by Chamonix.

If you've never heard of this five-step system before, think of it as peptides (aka anti-aging powerhouses) in a bottle. And more specifically, Eyeseryl in a bottle, or a tetrapeptide that targets proteins known for breaking down beneficial substances in the skin over time. This ingredient also draws out water to eliminate puffiness (so not a cute look), and it has been clinically shown to have visible results in as few as 15 days of consistent use. See? Not all hope is lost.

The first step of the Genucel system is a stem cell treatment that reduces signs of puffiness within days, with even better results after continued use. Next comes a product targeting the eyelids and upper eye area that contains a specialized blend of peptides shown to reverse sagging; after that, the Genucel XV treatment goes to town on any deep-set wrinkles, utilizing hyaluronic acid for a nice, plumping effect and Coenzyme Q10 to reverse surface signs of aging.

Fourth comes a cosmetic product called Immediate Effects that temporarily tightens and firms the skin for up to 24 hours, while the final step is an at-home microdermabrasion treatment that gently sloughs off dead skin cell to give a fresher appearance with reduced age spots and fine lines. With continued use, the skin's natural renewal cycle actually speeds up, making it look younger, naturally. And believe me when I say that future Vickie is very, very excited about this prospect.

Now as bomb as all this sounds, we shouldn't depend solely on topical solutions to retain that youthful glow of ours. There are many things that can be done to augment the results of skincare, like following a healthy diet, drinking tons of water and getting enough rest each night, but it's avoiding the sun like the plague that arguably has the biggest results. We all know by now that UV radiation is the number one cause of visible aging, but in case you need more convincing, consider this: sun exposure has been proven to break down collagen and elastin in the skin, increase discolouration and unevenness, and horror of horrors, actually cause wrinkles. That means sunscreen rain or shine, and a big buh-bye to tanning. But don't worry friends— God invented bronzer for a reason. xx

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