3 Reasons to Use EOS Lip Balm This Summer

3 Reasons to Use EOS Lip Balm This Summer

Summer is *finally* on the horizon, and with that comes glowing skin, previously-warm beverages served cold (here's looking at you, soy latte) and, you know, general merriment. What also comes with the territory, however, is the potential for sun damage, and although most people are pretty well versed in SPF by now (we're talking face, body and ears, baby!), what oftentimes gets forgotten are lips. They're delicate, prone to both chapping and burning alike (party), and, frankly, they're just too important not to protect. So if you're looking for a great, and also affordable, option to shield your lips from the sun this summer, look no further than EOS. I've spoken about the brand several times in the past, but that's because good things bare repeating. But if you need further convincing, here are three reasons to use EOS this summer.


One of the best things about EOS lip balm is that it goes on ridiculously smooth, but more importantly, it actually nourishes and protects the lips. And with powerhouse ingredients like sunflower and coconut oil, shea butter and jojoba, it's no wonder why. Oh, and SPF; always SPF.


Superficial maybe, but it warrants a mention. These bad boys come in such a wide variety of flavours, and quite frankly, they all smell incredible (check out this EOS lip balm review for more on this). But in the meantime, just imagine scents like pomegranate raspberry, hibiscus peach, vanilla mint, or even coconut milk slathered all over your lips and tell me that's not reason enough to use these. 


We've all heard the expression 'you get what you pay for,' yes? Well with EOS, that's not exactly true; in my opinion, you get way more than you pay for considering the high quality and low price point. And when I say quality, I'm not just speaking to the ingredients used, but to the packaging and weather resistance as well (aka- they won't turn into hot liquid magma on you while at the beach). And as someone who's shelled out big bucks for lip balms that have greatly disappointed me in the past, believe you me, these are all you need. xx

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