The Best of Revolve Beauty

Best of Revolve Beauty

Beauty products are one of my favourite things to talk about, experiment with, and let's be real— hoard. So you can imagine my delight when REVOLVE started carrying beauty because a) they're the ultimate in cool; and b) I knew they would introduce me to products I otherwise may never have heard of. After being lucky enough to try an assortment of their goodies, I wanted to report my favourites back to you guys— some of which I'm sure you already know and similarly love, and other that are hopefully new and enticing to you. Here we go:


I've known and loved this brand for several years now— as I'm sure you guys do, too— but somehow I forgot all about them until their Magnetic Luminous Eye Color in "Spirit" came into my lift. This is the perfect everyday shade that you can build up for a more dramatic look come nighttime, and I totally forgot how amazing and long-lasting the formula is. Needless to say, this one has been on my eyelids on-repeat as of late.


I'm a total sheet and eye mask junkie, yet I somehow had never tried the Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks from Wander Beauty before... now that I have, let me tell you— I'm OBSESSED. They just hydrate like no undereye mask I've tried before, plus they leave my skin looking smoother and brighter after every use. Must be all the hyaluronic acid and essential oils they're formulated with (daaaaamn). Looking forward to trying their new Rose Gold version next!


I'm probably suuuuper late to this party, but I had never heard of the Supergoop! Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45 before, which means I've been seriously missing out. This 100% mineral, translucent powder acts to not only set your makeup and reduce shine, but it's everything you need in terms of broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection to boot. And as a total bonus, it helps minimize the appearance of pores and gives skin a matte, soft-focus finish. In a word, stunning.


You already know I'm a big fan of this cruelty-free brand (in case you missed that post, read Five Cruelty-Free and Vegan Beauty Brands To Try Now), but I'm seriously smitten with their Diamond Crusher Lip Topper. Reason being, it's like a blast from my 90's pre-teen past. You can add this glittery, metallic enhancer to your lipstick for a fun finish, or even on top of your eyeshadow for all the nostalgic vibes. I'm telling ya, it's like a party in a tube.


I had heard about the Glow Sweet Glow gummy vitamins before, but I had never tried them; and although I can't definitively say that they're making a difference to my complexion, I can say that my skin is looking a lot more hydrated these days. Again, this could be due to a variety of factors (I've been upping my hydration game both in terms of skincare and water intake lately), but I'm sure it's playing a role as well. Plus they're delicious and make me feel like I'm eating candy at breakfast, which is always a bonus. Read more about their ingredients and benefits here if you're interested.


I'm not generally a big cleansing cloth person, but then again, these aren't your average facial wipes. In fact, the Treating & Cleansing Cloths by Nannette de Gaspe are more like the Cadillac of wipes in my humble opinion (or you know, whatever luxury vehicle impresses you— I don't speak car). I like these because they feel like skincare more than just a makeup remover; after all, they're formulated with AHA to exfoliate the skin, as well as a host of other fancy schmansy ingredients to nourish and plump things up. So if you're like me and wrote off wipes a long time ago, these ones may just change your mind. xx

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