Mea Culpa, And The Great Teddy-Coat Debate

OK, so remember when I said I would blog every day for the month of December? Yeah, that didn't end so well. Things were going strong— and I was loving the routine— up until the 18th, but then a little trip came up, as did Christmas, and now here we are: Over a month later and tail fully between the legs. Mea culpa. Turns out that Newton guy knew what he was talking about— objects in motion stay in motion, and bloggers who stop blogging most certainly remain at rest. #Science

But all is not lost— the experience of forcing myself to update this previously-neglected space regularly was actually quite fulfilling, and the act of stopping reminded me just how easy it is to slack and make constant excuses for not writing. And let me tell you, it isn't easy to break the pattern of the latter once it sets in. So let's treat today's little update as the kick-in-the-pants I need to get back on track and just carry on with regular posts, shall we? Good.

Now that we're all in agreement, let's move on to discussing more important matters— starting with the much-debated teddy coat issue. Is the topper still relevant? Do we love or now hate last season's must-have coat? I'm personally still down for them (and scooped this blue one up during Topshop's buy-one-get-one-free sale over the holidays), but where do you guys stand on the issue? Another matter of much importance is the resurgence of liquid leggings, and the fact that it's perfectly respectable to don hiking boots to do everything but hike— we live in exciting times, people. Tune in next time for more hard-hitting news. xx

Wearing: Topshop teddy coat | sweater c/o Princess Polly | leggings c/o Miss Lola | SFW bag c/o Hudson's Bay | boots c/o Miss Lola | sunnies c/o Ardene

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