What to Wear For Halloween (When You Don't Want to Wear a Costume)

If you're anything like me, you're what I like to call 'Halloween-light'— no over-the-top getups, large time/money investments into costumes, etc etc. In fact, all spook-related energies are focused solely on movie, candy and haunted-house consumption. So if you're looking for something easy to wear this Halloween that you can actually reincorporate back into your daily wardrobe, today's post is definitely for you.

My go-to almost every Halloween (again, Halloween light) is a cute outfit topped with a themed headband of some sort— past selections have included devil, bunny, cat, and the like. Very exciting stuff. But let's be real, what's actually exciting here is being able to find cute clothing options that work both on and off the Halloween circuit. Enter PrettyLittleThing. As if we needed another reason to love the brand (I mean, these snakeprint booties are reason enough), but they've gone and created a Halloween shop filled with costume ideas to make the holiday oh-so easy. There are actual costumes in there (unicorn headband anyone?), but also amazing pieces like these jeans and lace-trimmed bodysuit that I picked up that you can wear endlessly.

Simply swap the cat ears for a teddy coat and your favourite bag, and you've got a bomb outfit that you can wear again and again... not that's my idea of a Halloween costume. 

Thanks so much for reading friends, and be sure to check out PrettyLittleThing's Halloween shop for costume (and let's be real, outfit) ideas. xx

Photos by Boyfriend


  1. Lovely monochrome outfit - the headband is a cute way to participate in Halloween without spending a lot of money! :) And it's great you can rewear the other pieces outside of Halloween too!

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend :) We went to our friends wedding yesterday so that was fun :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Cat ears are always a good idea x
    thanks for inspiration :))