We're Cool For The Summer

Hi, my name is Vickie and I'm an absentee blogger... hi Vickie. There, now that we're reacquainted after my month-long departure from this space, we can finally get back to the good stuff; you know, clothes and whatnot. Summer suddenly became a thing— and well before my wardrobe was ready, might I add— which I coped with by adding a couple skirts and dresses into the mix (see more over in Insta-land). This wrap skirt was an H&M find that only set me back 35 big ones (or should I say small ones?), which I paired with an old Levis shirt, slides from the previous summer, and a new-to-me circle tote that I thrifted at Value Village. And just like that, an acceptable summer look was born. I've since gone on to add a few more goodies to the mix (more shopping inspo to come), but in the spirit of getting reacquainted, I wanted to go back to where we left off. Things you've missed include, but are not limited to: 1) Moving to a new apartment; 2) Wrapping up a 16-session body contouring extravaganza (more on that later, too); 3) Rewatching Friends from start to finish; 4) Testing the limits of the human heart via coffee overconsumption. Overall, it's been quite the month. Stay tuned as we get back into regular posting from here on out... smooches!

Button up- c/o Levis (on sale here); wrap skirt- H&M | sunglasses- Urban Outfitters | tortoise hoops c/o Evergreen Vintage | slides- H&M (similar) | circle tote- thrifted (obsessed with this one)

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