What's In My Bag

As many of you know by now, I'm a total vintage junkie. Decor, clothing, accessories— doesn't matter. If it's cool and old, I'm in. That's how I felt when I found this cosmetics case at my local Goodwill, which I immediately envisioned as a purse that could serve up some serious Nanny vibes (my measure for all things fabulous). $4 later, I was living my best life, cosmetics-case-turned-purse in hand. But when a bag is so small, it really forces you to pair down to just the essentials, which is what I wanted to share with you today. My favourites, my go-tos. The products I use for looking natural yet put together, the card holder that has quite literally enriched my life (I'm shallow, sue me) and so on and so forth. Let's dive right in.


If you're anything like me, your forehead starts looking mightaaaaaay greasy come midday, so I always pack a powder to combat shine. My favourite for this is Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD Microfinishing Pressed Powder, applied with their blush brush, both of which fit into most of my bags problem-free and take care of business like you wouldn't believe. You're left looking matte but not overly powdered, and because it's basically translucent, it doesn't mess with the colour of your foundation. Another great, portable option would be blotting papers, but this is what's been working for me as of late. I can't go anywhere without eyeliner and a couple lipstick options, but lately I've been all about Glossier's Generation G in 'Crush' and MAC's 'Chili.' One former for a more natural finish, the latter for added pizazz, both of which being indispensable on the go (hey, a girl needs options).


Obviously you can't cram a full-sized wallet into a tiny-ass purse, so a cardholder is always a good way to go. Anything that can keep your essential cards in one place— along with a couple bills if you're a cash-carrier— is a must. What's not a must, however, is shelling out for a Gucci version (unless you wanna), but in my case it was a Christmas gift from Boyfriend, who is a sweet angel of a man... but I digress. So aside from the aforementioned card holder, gum, keys, my phone and sunglasses are about the only other essentials I carry. And although the sunglasses change daily, you can pretty safely assume they'll be super 90s and super Morpheus-esque, like these bad boys from Free People. What can I say, the smaller the sunglass the better, UV protection be damned (kidding, obvs). xx

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  1. This cosmetics case is seriously the ultimate vintage find! Well, that or your Gucci. Looks like I need to read all about your thrifting ways!
    xx Victoria