When Skincare Meets Makeup

You all know how I feel about IMAGE Skincare by now, but I wanted to introduce you to another element of their product range— makeup. Glorious, glorious makeup. Because if a product can help the condition of my skin AND conceal imperfections, best believe I'm going to be all over that.

So let's talk foundation, shall we? I CONCEAL Flawless Foundation SPF 30 does everything it's name would suggest; it masks imperfections while giving skin a nice, dewy finish, and it works to shield against environmental stressors, like all those pesky UVA and UVB rays we're all increasingly exposed to this time of year. It's lightweight, yet super buildable in terms of coverage, and it's designed to actually allow skin to breathe, which isn't always the case with foundation. And if that's not enough for you, this stuff is packed with a host of plant stem cells and antioxidants that are actually geared towards preventing aging... so you know, it's basically witchcraft in a bottle.

A little goes a long way with this one, which blends beautifully with either your fingers or a beauty sponge, but my preferred method of application has to be IMAGE's I BEAUTY Flawless Foundation Brush. The two were just made for one another. The bristles are nice and dense so the product buffs effortlessly into the skin, yet they're also tapered, allowing for easy application along the many contours of the face. The end result is pretty seamless, and in my humble opinion, this one's worth every penny if you're on the hunt for a good foundation brush. And although nothing can fully take the place of Bobbi Brown's Full Coverage Face Brush in my heart, this one's definitely a close second.

 Pro tip: Mix a pump of I CONCEAL with PREVENTION+ (or your preferred day cream) for a sheer wash of colour— no separate BB cream needed!

Thanks for reading friends, and if you end up trying this one out for yourself, donut forget to let me know how you like it (ba da bum, cha)! xx

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