4 Hacks for Saving Money Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle

4 Hacks for Saving Money Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle

We all have different financial goals, be it to buy a house, afford the latest 'it' bag without batting an eye, or retire by a certain age. Regardless of what your particular goals may be, however, I think we can all agree that saving money— and making more of it, but that's a post for another day— is a crucial part of achieving said goals. But if you're looking to save money without making drastic changes to your spending habits and cutting out everything you once held near and dear, today's post is definitely for you. So with that in mind, here are four easy hacks that will help you curb your spending, in style.


If you're anything like me and my friends, coffee shops are a pivotal part of your daily and social rituals. In our case, we "catch up over coffee," we "shoot with coffee" (if you're a blogger, you'll feel me on this one), we set up our laptops and work amongst coffee, and so on and so forth. Obviously making coffee at home is the best way to save money, but if that's not possible for you (or you just plain don't want to), try adjusting your order instead. This hack can be applied to any cafe, but for today's purposes let's use a universal example— Starbucks. Instead of ordering a grande latte every day for about $5 CAD, you can opt for a cafe misto of the same size for about half the price. The effect is similar, you're just getting half coffee, half milk versus espresso shots with milk— BFD, right? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and same goes for caffeine, baby.


If the thought of maintaining your own nails gives you anxiety and there's no way in hell you're willing to give up your monthly Shellac, make Groupon your new BFF. There are countless deals on manis/pedis (and any other spa service you can imagine, for that matter) organized by city, and it's a great way to try out different salons, often for half the price (if not more) of your regular service. And while you're on there, you may as well see if there are any deals on restaurants you've been dying to try, or experiences you've been meaning to check out, too.  Just be sure not to buy things you don't really want or need just because they're a good deal; this site can definitely be a double-edged sword if you're not careful.


Another great way to save money without compromising your lifestyle is to shop vintage. Scouring your local thrift and consignment stores, or scrolling through eBay and Etsy are great ways to maintain that fab wardrobe of yours for a fraction of the price of shopping retail. And with all the 1970s - 1990s resurgences we've been seeing lately, you may as well try and find some original pieces. When the small, oval 90s sunglass trend became a thing, I hit up the children's section of Value Village, where low and behold I found a pair of gold-rimmed oval shades that totally fit the vibe for only $3. I later spotted a similar pair at UO for about $20 CAD, the difference of which could keep me running on Buckies for another week. Bless.


If you're an avid reader, this one is going to make a big impact on your bank account (and on your home's clutter level) in the long run. I used to buy so many books each year that I would read once, then totally disregard. Seems a little silly, no? Thankfully a friend opened my eyes to this absurd practice last year, and encouraged me to get a library card; I've never looked back since. Now I take out a few books each month, enjoy them, then send them back from for someone else to enjoy. No money is spent (unless you have overdue books, of course), and you can enjoy other perks the library offers, like movies, games and magazines, all gratis. 

Thanks for reading friends, and if you have any money-saving, lifestyle-maintaining hacks of your own, I'm all ears! xx

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