How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer

How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer
Keeping your base in place can be tricky any time time of year— whether that means dealing with all the sun, and inevitably, sweat that goes hand-in-hand with summer, or the stinging winds and bitter cold that accompanies winter. Keeping your skin looking flawless can be a losing battle if attention isn't paid, which is why I'm sharing four easy tips for keeping that foundation where it belongs— on your face

1. PREP THAT SKIN // One of the most important steps towards making that makeup of yours last is starting with a clean canvas to build upon. That means wash your face and do not skimp on skincare, because your foundation needs a good surface to adhere to... plus, you know, your skin will just all-around thank you (duh). My current favourites for getting the job done in the morning are Origins' A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser and Lush's Gorgeous Moisturizer.

2. PRIME TIME // Once your skincare is taken care of and everything is all clean and hydrated, be sure to apply a primer before moving on to foundation. I like to use this one from Make Up For Ever, but anything will do. Not only will using a good primer help lock the forthcoming product in place, but it will smooth out your skin and help make your makeup look it's best— important stuff here, ladies and gents.

3. SEAL THE DEAL // After your makeup is on, make sure it stays in place by using a great setting spray, like Urban Decay's All Nighter. I use mine year-round, because if I don't, I can pretty much kiss my makeup goodbye come 1pm— not ideal.

4. HANDS OFF // This one's a small step towards helping your makeup stay in place, but a hard one to adhere to nonetheless— don't touch your face. I know it's easier said than done, and if you're anything like me, you're guilty of touching your skin all day long. But here's the thing: the more you touch and fiddle with your face, the more likely you are to rub your makeup off... and develop breakouts (gross). So don't do it. What can I say, sometimes it's the smallest things that make the biggest difference.

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