The Ultimate (and Totally Haunted) Edmonton Staycation

The weekend before last, I had the opportunity to stay in a heritage Bed & Breakfast that I've been curious about ever since moving to Edmonton nearly seven years ago. It's beautiful, tucked away in a historic part of the city (that's *just* far enough from where I live to make me feel like I was actually getting out of town), and allegedly (read: totally) haunted. Yup, it was a trifecta of everything I could have ever hoped for from a staycation. So when Lincoln Motors graciously offered to put me up for the night and let me borrow a brand new MKX for the weekend, I jumped at the chance... and have had a seriously hard time driving my dinky little Civic ever since, let me tell you. #TasteOfTheGoodLife 

La Boheme (6427 112 Ave.) was originally built in 1912 as a luxury apartment building that boasted retail space on the main level. It wasn't until 1982 that the building was transformed into a charming B&B, maintaining the original suite layouts (for example, our suite had three bedrooms in it) and Edwardian pressed-tin ceilings. It's a history lover's dream. In addition to the breakfast lounge guests are free to enjoy as part of their stay, the property also contains a fabulous French restaurant that we took full advantage of... if you go, you have to try their Fish of the Day (so yum!), along with their lengthy wine list, cheesecake (oh my God) and coffee, which no-word-of-a-lie was some of the best drip coffee I've ever tried. They even had a bottle of champaign and cheese board waiting for us in the suite when we arrived, making this one of the best B&B experiences I've had to date.

The accommodations were very comfortable and relaxing, and the decor and colour palate in the Buenos Aires suite was right up my street (each unit boasts a different design and colour-way). My only wish is that we could have stayed in suite seven, which turned out to be the most haunted room in the building... you see, legend has it that the original groundskeeper murdered his wife in that suite, then dragged her down several flights of stairs to the furnace in the basement, where he is said to have cut up her body and burned the remains. Gruesome, yes, and totally not proven (there's no record of this in the city archives), but it's certainly a fun story to share when you and your friends are feeling spooky in a historic landmark. Nothing crazy happened to us during our stay other than creaky floor boards and weird shadow-sightings that were probably entirely in our heads (a previous guest actually claims that their bed levitated during their stay...), but we had an amazing time psyching ourselves out nonetheless.  

The homemade Ouija board we made and dubbed the "Fun/No-Problem" board just in case things got weird. }

The vehicle itself was an absolute dream to drive, what with its creamy leather interior and life-changing message chairs— I can honestly say that I've never been in a more luxurious-feeling SUV than the MKX in all my life! Somehow my little Civic just doesn't compare... xx

Special thanks to Lincoln Motors and Pumpkin PR for this amazing experience!

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