Going Green

Going green with Greens+
Health and just generally taking good care of myself (you know, being a somewhat responsible adult) seems to be the first thing I let slip during times of stress, extreme business or change... hollah if you hear me. I think many of us are guilty of this, which we don't even realize until we catch ourselves feeling sluggish and lethargic, or worse, sick as dogs. After months of dealing with some pretty big life changes and general disregard for my own health, I realized that enough was enough and that I needed to take steps to boost my immunity and energy levels. Enter Greens+, the busy girl's best friend in the quest for overall health.
morning routine
My mornings used to consist of cup after cup of coffee guzzled on an empty stomach whilst answering emails, and while that's still predominately the case, I've made sure to add a healthy breakfast and a glass of Genuine Health Greens+ to the mix. Sounds pretty simple, but that small change has done wonders for my energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing... here's why. 
Going green with Greens+
Evidently the powdered superfood cocktail is made up of 23 plant-based ingredients (we're talking spirulina, wheat grass, the works) that are proven to boost vitality, balance pH levels and up your nutrition and antioxidant game so, you know, you feel like an actual human being again. All that plant goodness apparently leads to supported liver function, balanced hormones and a healthier brain, so you know I'm not mad at that. And while the flavour may take a little getting used to (consider yourselves warned), the results are more than worth it... you're welcome, body. xx

Going green with Greens+
Photos by Anton Atienza


  1. After being lazy myself for a few months, now I'm back on track! I do indulge a little bit from time to time (can't stay away too long from pasta or sweets, sue me!) but for the most part I make the effort to eat healthy! I'm about to have a kale salad as we speak. Thanks for sharing!