3 Ways to Maximize Your Workday

3 Ways to Maximize Your Workday
I feel like if there's one thing we all like to complain about, it's the insufficient number of hours in each day. Sadly that can never change, but what we can focus on instead is the way we work in order to maximize the time we actually do have (you know, without getting into scary, workaholic mode). So with that in mind, here are three tips I use for getting the most out of the workday— hint, it's all about prioritizing!


If you've ever read David Allen's best-selling book "Getting Things Done," you'll be no stranger to this procrastination-busting technique; if you haven't, allow me to elaborate. The basic premise of the two-minute rule is that if an item on your to-do list can be tackled in under two minutes, you should take care of it immediately— no ifs, ands or buts about it. I first heard about this method from a friend, and it seriously has changed the way I work. You'd be amazed by how much you can get done when you stop letting little tasks pile up.


I've said it before and I'll say it again— the single biggest productivity buster when it comes to work is multitasking... full stop. It basically ensures that you'll do a little to a wide range of tasks without ever fully finishing anything. Instead of dividing your attention throughout your workday, identify key items that you need to tackle, then block out chunks of time dedicated to each task individually. This practice is known as batching and it works incredibly well in terms of whizzing through your to-do list. Give it a whirl sometime.


If you have too much on the go at any given time, you're likely to lose sight of what's important and actually necessary in helping you achieving your goals— come on, you know it's true. So instead of bombarding yourself with tons of tasks and action items, focus your time on what's most important and delegate the rest. You'd be amazed by how much more productive you become when you no longer feel like you're drowning in deliverables. 

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