2 Styling Products to Try Now

2 Styling Products to Try Now
Kevin Murphy can seriously do no wrong in my eyes, so I wanted to share two products I've really enjoyed using lately with you guys in case you've been suffering from limp, lifeless hair this summer as well... seriously, what gives?! I've had a pretty epic love-hate (emphasis on the hate) relationship with my hair the past few months, but these two seem to have breathed a little life back into my flat-ass hair, so here we are... gotta spread the love with my favourite ladies! (wink wink)

First, let me preface this by saying that both these products smell incredible, so if that's important to you, you can tick that box straight away. In fact, I find myself sniffing my hair throughout the day after using these, which I'm not exactly proud of, but this is a place of trust and sharing so I can totes say that to you guys, right? Right? Anyway, the Anti.Gravity Oil Free Volumiser does exactly what the name suggests, helping lift at the roots and give a little bounce back to the hair (#hero), while the Hair.Resort Beach Texturizer is a saviour when it comes to styling my hair— seriously, how did I live (and curl my hair) before this product?! It's one of life's great mysteries. xx

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