4 Minimalist Manis To Try

4 Minimalist Manicures To Try

Everyone loves a good summer manicure, but as with most minimalistic endeavours, less is more with this crop of nail art... So grab your favourite nude polish and let's get to painting!

THE MULTI-DOT // Bare nails never looked so good. Take your clear mani to the next level by dotting it with pops of deep red (bobby pins work great for this). Focus on the top-centre portion of each nail, but add a little extra something something to the look by creating a vertical line of dots down the centre of both middle fingers... so jazzy! 
4 Minimalist Manicures To Try
THE TOP DOT //  Make a bigger splash by painting your nails with an opaque nude before dipping a Q-Tip into some black nail polish and pressing it into the upper portion of each nail. If that's not quite your jam, opt for 'The Black Tip,' or the minimalist's answer to the French manicure. That's right friends, simply coat the tips of each nail with a thick, horizontal swipe of black to make them pop. Easy peasy.

4 Minimalist Manicures To Try
THE SIDELINE //  Possibly my favourite one of all, the Sideline mani is also one of the easiest; simply paint your nails any solid colour of your choice, then draw a thin line in a contrasting hue down one edge— chic and surprisingly impactful! xx

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  1. The third one is great - might even become a classic!