Travel Skincare Essentials

Whenever I travel, one of three things always seems to happen: My either skin gets dry, looks super dull, or erupts in breakouts. Sometimes all three at once if I'm super lucky. So over time I've built a little trio of skincare essentials to tackle any issues that may come up while I'm away from the comforts of home and my beauty stash. Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. So with that said, here are my tried and true skin savers for each concern while on the road — hope this is helpful!


Pura Lolita Face Drops — I love this serum because it's natural, locally made, and super restorative as far as hydration is concerned. Any sign of dry patches and I immediately reach for this stuff; it's seriously magic in a bottle. Probably something to do with all the wonder-ingredients its packed with, like rose geranium, lavender, almond oil, Vitamin C— the list goes on.


Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask — Whenever my face could use a little pep, Mario is always my go-to guy; he knows what's up, especially when it comes to this mask in particular. The collagen helps plump up the overall look of the skin, and when you wash it off, you're left with a rejuvenated, more vibrant-looking complexion. It's good stuff.


Caudalie Instant Detox Mask — Last but certainly not least (and sadly, the one I reach for the most), this detox mask goes a long way towards helping keep any flareups in check both on and off the road. It's really gentle and non-striping to the skin, and the next morning after applying it my breakouts always look a hell of a lot better than they did before. Not to mention the bottle is small and super travel friendly — #JustSaying.
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  1. I'll definitely have to try that detox mask!! It sounds awesome!