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Why Miu Miu's new perfume is worth a sniff
Have you guys smelled Miu Miu's new eponymous fragrance? If you're a perfume enthusiast, I'm sure you've already sniffed away at this one, but if you haven't and you just so happen to be a fan of woody, floral scents, this just might be your jam. But as unique as the fragrance itself is, can we be honest here for a moment and recognize that it's all about the bottle with this one? I'm all heart-eye emojis over here. It's just so playful and well-designed, capturing the essence of the brand in a shockingly spot-on way... which makes me wonder, how does one even become a perfume bottle designer? I want in on that. 
Why Miu Miu's new perfume is worth a sniff
But let's get back to the fragrance itself. It feels young yet surprisingly sophisticated for such playful packaging, what with it's strong floral notes being balanced out by hints of sandal wood and nirvanolide. If you're curious about what notes you can expect specifically from this one, here's the breakdown: Star Anise, Ginger, Green Lily of the Valley, Blooming Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Petal Rose, Akigalawood, Sandal Wood, Nirvanolide. Sound good? Get to sniffing! xx
Why Miu Miu's new perfume is worth a sniff
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