'Plump' Up the Volume

'Plump' Up the Volume with Kevin Murphy
If I could only use one haircare brand for the rest of my days, I'm pretty sure it would be Kevin Murphy. I've never tried a product of theirs that I haven't loved (exhibit A), and this time around is no different. My hair has a tendency to fall flat, especially a week or two before my next cut (#ShortHairProblems), so when I heard about their Plumping Wash and Rinse, I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. And let me tell you, it's been volume-city ever since. Here's the low down.
'Plump' Up the Volume with Kevin Murphy
Plumping.Wash is a thickening shampoo made from ginger root and nettle extracts, and is designed to nourish the follicles of the hair, promote blood circulation in the scalp, exfoliate, thicken and add instant softness. Similarly, the Plumping.Rinse is designed to thicken hair while it hydrates, protects and prevents hair loss with the help of something called Hemsleya Root, which is apparently rich in Oleanolic Acid. Regardless, all I know is that using these products in tandem is doing some pretty amazing things to the overall look of my hair, and I'm now hopelessly devoted to them. Basically, my hair looks more plump and for a lot longer — I haven't had to use dry shampoo until day three, believe it or not. Oh, and both products smell totally amazing, which doesn't hurt things either... Long live Kevin Murphy! xx
'Plump' Up the Volume with Kevin Murphy
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  1. Haircare is one of the most important thing I was looking for after my facial. I have often used Revlon for the care and have suited quiet well.